About us

About us


UHA aims to prevent and control the spread of TB and reduce morbidity and mortality through community education and capacity building in Ethiopia. It strives to cut transmission of infection until TB ceases to be a major public health problem in the country.


United for Health Abyssinia aims to build the capacity of hospitals and communities in Ethiopia to fight tuberculosis. Partnering with regional hospitals, we will identify gaps in services, evaluate existing programs, conduct education in culturally appropriate ways, and organize communities to be active participants in their own health. By coordinating access to TB care and improving the quality of treatment and preventive services, we hope to eliminate drug resistant TB, break the cycle of infection and suffering from tuberculosis and improve the quality of life of the surrounding underserved population.



Sisay T Akalu, MD, MPH. President

Sisay is a physician with a background in general internal medicine, double board certifications in occupational medicine, preventive medicine and public health. He is well connected with many professional organizations and has a passion to help people who are suffering unnecessarily from treatable and preventable diseases. Dr. Akalu did his residency at St. John’s Episcopal Hospital, Far Rockaway, NY and Carney Hospital, Boston, MA where he developed interest in occupational and environmental health. After visiting his native country, he became particularly interested in reducing the TB related burden and improving healthcare in under-served communities. Dr. Akalu holds his degrees from Institute of Medicine and Pharmacy, Cluj-Napoca, Romania and Boston University, Massachusetts.

Board Officers
Sisay T Akalu, MD, MPH – Chair
Rajeev Bais, MD, MPH – Chief Medical Officer
Yohannes Alemayehu, CPA – Treasurer
Nicole Therrien, MBA – Clerk